Simplicity and happiness

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There are days that hold nothing but joy and laughter. Those days are not always eventful or have particular names like a wedding day or birthday and may just start like any other day.

For me, great company, good food, sunny weather and fresh air make such a day so special and precious. The amazing sunset at Griffith Observatory on Mount Hollywood in LA really was the cheery on top.

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Los Angeles – Melrose outfit

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Today I am all about Melrose Avenue and the Melrose area in general. Oddly, perhaps different from the area around Rodeo Drive, there is a kind of small community atmosphere to many other places in this glamourous neighbourhood holding a bunch of exclusive vintage stores and cool shops and sites. And of course, I just love the beautiful weather in LA on offer year round.

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Summer staple piece

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My staple piece for this summer if I am not in the office has to be a pair of light, high waisted and wide leg shorts. Team these with a pair of comfortable shoes and you are perfectly geared for a walk in the park. A pair of high heels or flat pointy shoes plus a white shirt worn with these shorts would definitely look more sophisticated.

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