Transform an outfit instantly – long vest

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Vests are fantastic layering pieces and give an instant spiff to any outfit. Since this particular long vest can instantly tansform an outfit, I’m about to feature it in a few posts. I have been looking for a long delicate vest in a light colour … Continued

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The tartan accent

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Call it tartan, plaid or checked trend. It is one of my all time favorite trends and not only because it reminds me of Scotland 😉 I snagged this plaid or tartan shirt last year at H&M. Even though the checked … Continued

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Layering with a leather jacket

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Hi everyone, Today I really felt like wearing my leather jacket but it was still too cold to take it on its own. So I added a layer on top of it. Here I am wearing: Yargici scarf (a fantastic … Continued

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